-Fastest cutting machine per kilowatt in the industry

-Automatic Beam Manipulation, which allows us to cut thin, and thick materials with ease; up to 5/8 steel, while holding a +/- .003 tolerance.

-Unmatched efficiency, that allows for increased capacity for small, medium, or long run jobs.

-Auto load/unload tower, which increases our ability to keep jobs running.

All of these features of our Mitsubishi Ex-F allow us to Maximize cutting times and Efficiency, which we can pass on to our customers in the tangible  form of competitive pricing.

Fiber Optics Laser Capabilities – Mitsubishi ML3015EX-F40

  • Cold Rolled steel of all varieties
  • Hot rolled steel of all varieties
  • Stainless of all varieties
  • Aluminum all varieties
Cutting Speeds
  • .063″ Stainless 1,300″ per minute
  • .625″ (5/8″) Hot rolled cuts at 44″ per minute
Surface Area up to 120″ x 60″
Thicknesses vary from .010 (1/10″) – .625 (5/8″)
Tolerances +/- .003″