Our Flow Dynamic Waterjet produces more accurate parts, at significantly higher cutting speeds.

All waterjets exhibit stream lag and taper when cutting through material. However, Flow’s patented Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control compensates for these inherent errors. Therefore, our Flow Dynamic Waterjet produces more accurate parts, at much higher cut speeds, than parts cut with a standard waterjet. Utilizing advanced mathematical cutting models, Smart Stream technology controls an articulated wrist to automatically tilt, compensating for the stream lag and taper; allowing for extremely clean cuts, and great edge quality.


Speed: Can cut parts 2, to 5 times faster than conventional waterjets.

Variability: We can cut a variety of materials, such as metal, stone, and composites…up to 10 inches thick.

Value: We can cut can cut more quickly, and more accurately than conventional waterjets; thereby reducing costs for our customers.

Quality: While we are fast, we never let Any parts go out that do not conform to our exacting standards.